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Within days you’ll discover how to create marketing materials that start conversations in the minds of your prospects using client attraction core messages.

It’s your job to talk parents all the way through until they find your solutions helpful. You’ll quickly learn that it’s not what you say but how you say it!

Designing your marketing materials to accomplish a goal is key! You will discover key marketing components that are must haves for your marketing materials.

Not only will you gain knowledge about creating marketing materials and the key components to creating client attraction messages you will also discover Andrea’s TOP places to go and how to be effective with your marketing when you go out!

Plus you’ll discover the ultimate process to creating purposeful marketing triggers to accelerate word of mouth marketing from client and non clients, hosting BIG community events to get your business known to using newspapers and texting made easy for childcare businesses.


Next, you’ll begin growing more and more when you learn the effective ways to use Internet Marketing for the childcare industry specifically. Discover statistics and facts for how to use around the clock marketing that promotes, connects and builds relationships with clients beyond the normal tour and phone calls.

Have you ever experienced a time when you knew what you wanted to say but had a hard time saying it? With this advance training you will gather Andrea’s Powerful Call To Action Phrases and Words for the childcare industry. You’ll find that with the right words and the Marketing concepts, you will discover how marketing your childcare into profits will be so easy!


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From how to find places where moms hang out  to creating the places where you want moms to be! You won’t get a bunch of fluff with this program. It’s designed to be your step-by-step PROFIT MAKING PLAN!


Want to get found on the Internet? Get the behind the secrets to BIG chain childcare and how they have HIGH google ranking PLUS the EASY to do systems you’ll need in place to enroll new children while you sleep!

Don’t have enough website traffic? Find out what you’re doing wrong when it comes to your website and the design, you’ll learn so much, you’ll know exactly what to tell your web designer! 

Online marketing is easy when you understand how to do it. Follow Andrea’s Proven Strategies throughout this complete program and you’ll find out how online marketing campaigns are implemented for childcare programs just like yours. Remember just because you go to sleep it doesn't mean that your marketing should. Learn how to set it and forget it! 







Marketing doesn't have to be expensive if you understand how WITTY Marketing Strategies work!

From your basic email to creating promotional items made just for the childcare industry, you will discover how to easily  turn prospects into clients with pages and pages of witty marketing strategies that work!

 NO ONE likes to be sold. With these strategies, learning how to effectively reach your prospects in a way that makes them feel comfortable while sending out a message that resonates with them, you will set the pace for them to buy from you.

Discover 26 or more ways to starting, growing and marketing parent events and meetings. Don’t feel like your parents will attend? It’s not the fish, it’s the bait. Discover how to bait parents to meetings and events effectively!

Discover how to create additional streams of incomes from becoming a speaker in the childcare industry, Discover Andrea’s speaker’s outline for capturing an audience and closing the sale.

Reaching your prospects by the masses is a phenomenal way to ensure your message reaches more people at the same time. Remember being an effective marketer is dependent upon your strategies. Doing the same thing will yield the same results over and over again. Step out and get in the face of your market.



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